Mom and Dad – 1940 Courtship

Here’s one of my favorite photographs — a picture of my Mom and Dad (Suzette Schwiers and Bill Whittemore) in 1940 before they married that December.  For me it’s an eerie sight because I am watching a moment that will lead, with other moments, to my birth on 3 November 1941, a month before Pearl Harbor.  They were courting each other, yes?  Elsewhere on this blog you’ll see a PARADE story about life with my mom on the home front while Dad was off to war.  Here they are, on the brink:

They're in the backyard patio of my paternal grandparents' house on Virginia Place in Larchmont, New York.

My dad had grown up in the Manor section of Larchmont in a house with two other families, each with a child.  One of the kids was Dad’s first cousin Claire Wemlinger, who would go on to become the great film actress and movie star Claire Trevor, known above all for her work in Stagecoach and Key Largo.

With John Wayne in "Stagecoach" (1939)

Claire died at age ninety in 2000.  She was a sweetheart of a gal, full of warmth and spunk as well as talent.  Her birthday was March 8th and I plan to post up a blog with a little personal stuff about her on that date coming up.

And here’s another photo…

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